About Me

About Me

Hello People!

I am glad that you have visited this page, and yeah sorry, welcome to my blog – Travel Club of Upminster! This blog is all about providing travelers experiences into the words, so it can help other people who want to visit to or roam the particular location. We are group of travelers, and working hard to get things on hand with this blog.

Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you about myself. I am Sid, an traveler by choice and digital marketer by profession. I have started my digital marketing journey when I was 16, and there after I got to learn a lot about things.

I took an gap of around four years before coming to the blogging industry, again as I was overweight and wanted to lose some of my fat to become more confident not only in the website, but in real life too. I did lose around 45 Kg’s of weight and gain a good athletic muscle mass within a time span of around four years.

Yes, I love to travel, and there is no doubt I have started this blog. Travel Club of Upminster – It was my dream to write about UK destinations, and the places people will fall in love with. (No doubt, I love UK)

Lastly, If you want to get in touch with me, prefer looking though the Contact Me page.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Travelling, Fellows.

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